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Latest News from Optimax

Snow, slopes, and Spätzle – our ski trip to the alps! 🏔

⛷ Some of our colleagues organized a private #skitrip to the Zillertal ski resort in Austria! Within 6 hours we arrived at our residence with a great view through the high mountains and the beautiful valley.

☀ Every day we had, as they call it in Austria, “Kaiserwetter” and enjoyed skiing on a great variety of slopes – from beginner to expert, everyone had a lot of fun and shared their tips and tricks with one another.

😋 At the end of an active day, we even found ourselves cooking together, sharing recipes and stories. After dinner, some of us were even up for a pleasant round of board games while others relaxed in the whirlpool. This brought us even closer together as a team and outside of work!

👟 Work-live balance is a very important topic for us at Optimax. We place great value on sporting compensation for our colleagues and even offer many opportunities for after-work activities at our office in Leipzig.


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