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Latest News from Optimax

Welcome, João! – Optimax’s new executive chef 👨‍🍳

Having a lot of experience as a cook in different countries in Europe, João will support our Team with fresh and healthy dishes from all over the world. 🥦 We attach great importance to having a well-balanced lunch for the company – with mostly vegan and vegetarian options. During these first weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to eat homemade focaccia, pumpkin ginger soup, and mushroom risotto.

💪 João is an all-around talent from Portugal and will also greatly support our office maintenance along with Denis.

🎵 Having a lot of interests, in his free time João enjoys playing the guitar and learning a variety of languages.

Our team is more than happy & grateful to have access to fresh healthy meals every day. 😋 This is another valuable benefit at Optimax and encourages even more colleagues to come into the office. Find out more about our benefits on our website!


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