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Wind Turbines in the Mountains

Direct Marketing

Professional marketing for your systems

We ensure that your systems are ahead of the market. Optimax Energy takes on all the processes and risks of direct marketing for renewable energy operators.

After remote access, we start marketing, register your system, and integrate it into our balancing group. With innovative trading strategies and a high level of automation, we ensure your sustainable success.

We also offer support with futures market marketing and act as a white-label service provider.

In every cooperation, we take your individual needs into account and develop customized solutions. Regular, constructive dialogue is important to us, as many ideas and innovations arise from this collaboration.

Flexible Access for Your Electricity Trading

Do you have a production outage or a new sales forecast and want to trade intraday electricity quickly and easily?

Use the flexible market access from Optimax Energy.

Your advantages:

  • Fair conditions and transparent pricing

  • 24/7 trading on EPEX and Nord Pool

  • no fixed fees

  • Efficient and simple processes

Market Access Service


Power Plant Optimization

Optimizing Your Power Plant for Higher Revenues

The price volatility on the intraday market offers your power plant considerable additional revenue potential compared to simple day-ahead marketing.

We optimize your power plant on the intraday markets of EPEX and Nord Pool and guarantee a significant increase in revenue.

In doing so, we always consider the technical restrictions of your power plant.

Our optimization services are available to you 24/7. We also offer these services for CHPs, pumped storage, and controllable consumers.

Efficient Risk Management for Fluctuating Portfolios

The increasing feed-in of renewable energies increases volatility on the intraday and balancing energy market, which leads to short-term price and volume risks.


With our proprietary risk management system, which is based on fundamental data and statistical analyses, we can reduce the costs of forecast deviations, and support you in fulfilling your obligations as a balancing group manager.

Solar Tower


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