Assistance with changing jobs

We support all employees who are taking up employment with Optimax Energy for the first time and are moving into our company by offering help with finding accommodation in Leipzig.

Highly qualified employees, who do not come from Leipzig or Germany but have exceptional skills in the IT sector and speak fluent English, we support in the procurement of the so-called blue card and are at their disposal when it comes to dealing with paperwork and the authorities. We have experience in relocating from different countries and are familiar with the recognition of educational qualifications, family reunification and visa acquisition.

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Promotion of theses

Optimax Energy stands for a culture of lived innovation, growth potential and technical excellence. This is why promoting talented young people is an important part of our entrepreneurial commitment. We want to accompany the path of success of young people and give them the support and freedom they need to develop their full potential.

We sponsor university theses with the possibility of dealing with topics relating to the working environment in our company and even writing in-house dissertations. Topics for theses can be brought to us or be developed with us together.

Promotion of young talents

Young Talents We at Optimax Energy know that the future is in the hands of today's youth. That's why we try to support them in many ways. In addition to the German Scholarship and many other projects we support, one of our most important concerns is the promotion of "Super Young Talents". At the moment we especially support our pupil trainees Emely and Lennart. In 2020, Emely did another second internship as a pupil and supported our traders as you can see in the picture. Lennart’s programming skills are already at the level of a computer science student. Through our self-developed support program, we make a sustainable contribution to the development of new IT specialists. 

We are very interested in cooperation with schools and universities. When it comes to linking school and university theory with professional practice, we are happy to act as an interface for young talents. We accompany you on your way into the professional world and we are happy to support you at any time.


stipendium.pngOptimax Energy is a dedicated sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium, which brings together supporters from the private sector and the federal government to get involved with young talents at universities. With our support, we want to give gifted students practical and financial support, regardless of their social background. In addition to anonymous funding, we would like to establish a personal relationship with the scholarship holders and accompany them through their scientific career to their professional lives. In particular, we look forward to scholarship holders who reach out to Optimax and want to stay in contact for the future. Furthermore, we are working on a concept for our own Optimax Energy scholarship, from which students and universities alike can benefit.


Sponsorship of the Robo Cup team

unterstutzung.pngAt Optimax Energy we consider it indispensable to consider research and technology as foundations of entrepreneurial design. We care about projects that combine scientific achievements with unprecedented technological ideas.

Therefore, we are proud to be a sponsor of the "Nao-Team HTWK" Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, which became world champion in robot football in 2018. With the dynamic linking of human and artificial intelligence, innovative cognition, the visualization of a goal, fast reaction times and the right timing, the soccer-playing robots and their programmers embody the same strategies that are important in our company. A few insights and Photos can be found here:: Nao Team

Study-accompanying offers

At Optimax Energy, students have the opportunity to do an internship or take up a job outside of their studies to finance their studies. We want to approach young people as early as the planning stage of their careers and open up ways for them to coordinate their studies and career. Afterwards there is the possibility of starting a career in our company.

We also provide financial support for student projects and initiatives related to our renewable energy, software development, artificial intelligence and trading strategies for the energy market. Other student projects characterized by scientific excellence, technical innovation and passionate commitment are also an asset to us and can be presented.

We ask creative students to contact us at any time with a request for donations and cooperations.