“At Optimax I do what I like the most, programming”

“At Optimax I do what I like the most, programming”

Do you know what is most exciting about #recruitment? Helping talents to find the right place where they can grow and surpass themselves. We appreciate cultural diversity as it boosts #innovation. Therefore, we are thrilled to welcome our latest #talent Hamid to our developer team. 

Hamid was born in Iran, moved to and studies in Halle (next to Leipzig) and speaks three languages fluently (Persian, English and German). He will support us as an ambitious #workingstudent in frontend development.

Not only the job description inspired Hamid to apply but also in terms of location, he thinks “To me, #Leipzig has it all. It has a rich history, architectural legacy, beautiful landscape and nature. The city is very vibrant and exciting. In many aspects Leipzig is the fastest growing city in Germany, offering amazing potential for business, networking and culture.” We totally agree. 

For now, his motto “Pursue excellence and success will chase you” helps him in our onboarding phase but Hamid does also have his future with us: “At #Optimax, I do what I like the most, #programming. I would like to help create synergy within the team and at the same time professionally grow as a software developer.”  

We would like to help you achieve exactly that. Welcome to the team, Hamid.