Throwback: team event at the go-kart track

Throwback: team event at the go-kart track

#Throwback time: At #Optimax, we do not only like to work with and for each other. #Team events are actually our second favourite thing to do together! Especially in times of COVID and #homeoffice where we are not able to see our colleagues in the office daily, we like to go back in time and cherish these moments.💭😊

A while ago, we had a great team event at the Saxracing #GoKart track in Schkeuditz. Our #teammates raced against each other in an exciting competition. It was a tight race but the results were clear and we announced the three fastest colleagues later in the award ceremony. At lunch, there was no bad blood – everyone was happy and congratulated the winners on their race time. That’s what real team spirit is about: achieving to be the best but also celebrating your team members wins!🏅🏎

We’re already looking forward to the next team event – stay tuned!

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