Trees for a better world

Trees for a better world

The year is slowly coming to an end. As the Corona Virus was the dominating topic for all of us this year, we at Optimax want to focus on an important issue that has received far less attention than it should have among these developments: climate change. 

Human activities have already caused 1.1 degrees of global warming compared to pre-industrial levels, an average of 13 million hectares of forest disappear every year, the Sea levels have risen by 25cm since 1880 and Arctic ice continues to melt. These are just some of the facts driving climate change  

Through our business model, we contribute to the efficient use of renewable energies.  

But is that enough?  

Our answer is: No, of course not. It will never be enough, we suppose 

That is why it is even more important to us to take responsibility and to act! 


Therefore, we are proud to announce our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Together with our partner, we plant trees for our employees, business partners and our successful trade. For every GWh of electricity traded, we plant 20 trees.  

This year alone, we are able to plant 150,000 trees together with our partner 

If you would like to learn more about Eden Reforestation's mission and vision and about planting in Madagascar, click here.

We are thrilled to make an impact together with Eden Reforestation Projects! 


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