Welcome on board, Simon and Friedrich!

Welcome on board, Simon and Friedrich!

And again, exciting news for October. We just welcomed two new #talents in our midst: analyst Simon and software engineer working student Friedrich.
Friedrich ”upgraded” his internship at Optimax and is looking forward to exciting tasks and experience as a youngster in software development in our IT department while studying and gaining theoretical knowledge simultaneously.
We are always very proud to see young students evolve here as we believe that they deserve this chance.
Simon loves numbers and to use them wisely for clever decisions that enable us to come up with new innovative ideas for trading strategies. Welcome on board, Simon! We hope you’re going to have a great time with us.
To us, it seems that both follow Leonardo da Vinci who once said: “Learning never exhausts the mind.” That’s true when you can do what you love. We will help you to accomplish new challenges.
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