Optimization of Power Plants

The price volatility at the intraday market provides especially for your power plant significant additional revenue potential compared to a day-ahead trading strategy.

We will optimize the exploitation of your power plant at the intraday markets of EPEX and Nordpool, with a substantial revenue increase guaranteed. At the same time we take into consideration all technical restrictions of your power plant.

This service also includes CHP units, pump storage and controllable consumption units.


Market Access Service

You have to manage a power plant outage or a modified consumption forecast and therefore you want to trade fast and easy in the Intraday market? In this case you can use the Optimax Energy market access service - at any time and in a flexible manner.

Your benefits:

Fair conditions and price transparency 24/7 trading at EPEX and Nordpool KNo fixed fees Simple and efficient settlement process


Short-Term Optimization

Due to the increasing supply of renewable energies the volatility at the Intraday markets and the electricity balancing market is growing. This situation leads to short-term price risks and volume risks and cause considerable losses particularly when energy portfolios are fluctuating.

Thanks to our internally developed risk management system based on fundamental data and statistical data we are able to reduce the costs due to forecast deviation and to help your company to comply with your responsibility as a balancing responsible party.