Code in action!

Want to see your code having a direct impact? Optimax trades hundreds of thousands of Euros a day and you will be able to experience your work making this possible.

Because the people creating the software work closely in our offices, it is easy to learn from each other and get direct feedback. Together with our analysts the developers are able to face new challenges and push each other to higher levels. This is what makes the high technological standards at Optimax possible. The impact is large but the Company is not! This means your work will have a substantial impact on the final result and your contribution will count!

Because of the small teams and the open exchange Optimax is a great place for software developers to learn, mentor and broaden their skills. With a high level of freedom and creativity as well as direct feedback the work is highly motivating and beneficial. New knowledge is not limited to software developing but also includes deep insights into the fascinating world of trading markets.

Our software

Our software engineers develop the software and tools for our automated and smart trading desk using modern programming languages and systems. We use a variety of technologies for web and desktop applications to manage and evolve an ecosystem of flexible and sophisticated microservices. With the kickstart of our new web trading platform using Java11, Kotlin, Spring, Docker, React and MySQL we extend our set of activities ranging from data analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence, desktop application development with Eclipse RCP to microservices with REST APIs and AMQP message brokering. Jenkins is used for continuous delivery.

Living the full CI stack empowers us to master a complex but clever infrastructure. We are always open to new ideas and features and are always experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies to push ourselves to always deliver the highest quality of software that offers the best user experience.