Welcome Donat!

Welcome Donat!

As fall is coloring the leaves in the most beautiful shades and there is a smell of change in the air, we at Optimax are going with the seasons and want to present to you the most current change in our team:
Meet Donat – our new working student in #webdevelopment!🤗
Donat is currently studying Web Engineering in his Master's degree. Before that, he studied Web and Mobile Computing in Zagreb. To gain some more practical experience, he decided to start working with us doing some #frontend software engineering to help us in further development of our web #trading center. 💪👨‍💻
While living and studying in #Chemnitz, Donat is also able to experience Leipzig when he comes to the office and enjoys some afterhours in the city. When city life is getting too busy, he loves to spend his time outside exploring nature and hiking. Saxon Switzerland is the perfect spot to do so nearby! 🗺⛰
It’s great to have you with us, Donat. Can’t wait to see you grow!😊
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