Welcome Georgy!

Welcome Georgy!

Staying fit at the office? That’s an aspect of #newwork we definitely want to participate in! To stimulate the flow of ideas and exercise during office hours we got ourselves our own office bike – works like a normal chair plus some benefits. But the true reason for this post is an even better acquisition than this futuristic seating opportunity: meet the model on this pic, our new colleague Georgy!😊
As a Software Developer, he is specialized in #Java. With his expertise, he is a great addition to our international #IT team. Georgy’s #backend knowledge is essential for further development of our trading bots. Great to have another expert with us!👨‍💻💪
Georgy recently joined us from Russia. He wanted to share some insights on his #relocation process: “Travelling from Russia might be tricky nowadays, however, with Optimax, you don't really need to care about the relocation much. It might be difficult to plan the whole route, but I am sure they can help. I decided to go through Finland, and they even suggested to cover overnight hotel stays if applicable. Optimax helped me to pay for flight ticket that was not possible from my location. They even suggested to meet me at the train station in Leipzig when I arrived, this was so sweet! What is making the whole thing much easier, is that Optimax books apartments for you close to the office, and you do not need to browse booking services thinking about suitable price for it. Relocation with Optimax is like a turnkey professional service, and I felt how much they cared to provide everything I might need in this. Moreover, they help me with searching for a permanent apartment of my dream. I believe this is quite difficult to find relocation offers like this one!”
When he’s not exercising on our office bike, Georgy likes to spend his free time travelling the world or cycling outside (on a real bike though) – a real explorer.🚴‍♂️🗺
We’re happy to have you with us, Georgy. Удачной езды на велосипеде!🤗
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