Welcome, Kirill!

Welcome, Kirill!

From #Moscow straight to #Leipzig – no problem for us! Today, we’d like to introduce our newest member to our international team: Kirill. 😊🌱
He joined our IT-crew as a Software Developer and expert in #java !
Even during a worldwide pandemic we do our best to relocate our #talents as fast and safely as possible. A little insight in Kirill’s #relocation process: “The relocation turned out to be easy, thanks again to Optimax. Me, my wife and even my cat Cleo successfully emigrated to Germany. The support was at all levels, the documents were prepared for the embassy quickly both, from our side and from Optimax. Tickets were agreed and booked, apartments for the first month in Leipzig were also provided to us – wonderful. Even the cat tree was delivered to our room, all thanks to the Optimax employees! Acclimatization in the company went smoothly, nothing else caused inconvenience. Thank you Tina, Dmitriy, Aleks, Albert and Ben!”
We are happy to have you with us! Prost, cheers and Ваше здоровье – to new beginnings.🥂
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