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Driven to have an impact

Responsibility for people and the environment

Optimax Energy is made up of dedicated and motivated employees for whom their job is more than just making money. They are dedicated to driving Europe's energy transition forward every day in their own way.

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Sustainability starts in the mind

In addition to our goal of contributing to the fight against climate change through the efficient use of renewable energies in Europe, we want to do more and take responsibility.


In the office

Energy efficiency is not only important to us in our daily business, but also in our everyday office life. We recycle where possible, only print what is really necessary and Fairtrade coffee and snacks are standard for us. We also encourage our employees to commute sustainably, for example with the Company Bike or the Deutschlandticket.


Our mindset

We are convinced that a company can only achieve top performance if its employees are satisfied. A healthy and sustainable working environment is therefore particularly important to us. This includes, for example, regular massages, balanced and healthy lunches, ergonomic workstations, sports breaks for physical activity or mindfulness sessions. We have actively decided against an open-plan office in order to create a quiet working atmosphere and have integrated indoor plants in every room to improve the air quality.


In the society

We know that a company has an impact on the jobs, income and living conditions of employees, partners and local communities. That is why we support them, for example by actively encouraging young girls as part of Girls' Day.

Image by David Clode

Optimax &
Eden Reforastation Project

Our reforestation project

Together with our partner Eden Reforestation Project, we plant 5 mangroves in Madagascar for every gigawatt hour traded and 250 mangroves per business partner and employee per year. In the period from 2020-2022, we have already planted 392,000 mangrove trees.

Betsiboka River, Morahavio, Madagascar

Why do we plant trees?

Reforestation is proven to be one of the most effective methods of counteracting the climate crisis. Trees bind carbon and thus contribute to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases. Mangrove forests have a special role to play here, as they store up to five times more carbon than conventional forests. Each mangrove tree cleans the air by around 12 kg of CO2 per year. In addition, mangrove forests are very important for saving biodiversity and preventing coastal erosion. Due to its high concentration of endemic species and the extreme loss of habitat, Madagascar is one of the highest priorities for species conservation worldwide. To ensure the success of the reforestation project, socio-economic factors were also taken into account. The local communities - often former illegal charcoal producers - are involved in the planting project and receive secure jobs and a regular income.

Moraharivo - location of our reforestation project

The Betsiboka River is the longest river in Madagascar, with mangrove trees forming the natural vegetation in its riparian areas. The mangrove-lined estuary plays an important role for the local community of Moraharivo and the animal species represented. Before the reforestation project began, the mangrove forests in this area fell victim to deforestation and forest degradation for charcoal production. Our reforestation project supports the local community in the sustainable planting and management of these mangrove forests in order to stop further and future destruction and to create new forest areas.


We plant 5 trees for every gigawatt hour traded and 250 trees for all business partners and employees.

Trees planted so far:

Would you like to plant trees with us?

Then take a look at our job advertisements!

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