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Fueled by passion, we develop great trading systems that drive the global energy transition.


OPTIMAX ENERGY is an international trading and technology company based in Leipzig and Sofia.


We trade electricity in eight European markets and are active on four official power exchanges.


Expanding renewable energy is essential for protecting our planet, but it also presents complex challenges for the electricity market. This is where we come in.


Our mission is to ensure market balance through the use of intelligent technologies.


Our proprietary analysis models precisely guide our trading activities, actively contributing to a more sustainable future.


OPTIMAX: Why We Play a Keyrole in the Energy Market

The Biggest Challenges of Renewable Energy:

1. Variable Availability (Volatility):

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are not always consistent. When the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine, electricity production can fluctuate significantly.

2. Limited Storage Capacity:

Currently, there are insufficient storage solutions to maintain grid stability by storing excess electricity for later use.


However, for our power grid to function effectively, the amount of electricity produced and fed into the grid must always match consumption.

How Does OPTIMAX ENERGY Address These Challenges?

At Optimax Energy, we specialize in creating accurate forecasts for electricity production and demand. Our goal is to recognise potential imbalances at an early stage and balance them out by trading on European intraday markets.


Using our proprietary forecasting and analysis models, we can trade energy across Europe around the clock.


Want a behind-the-scenes look at OPTIMAX ENERGY? Discover the creative minds and passionate individuals driving our success.

For more exciting insights, visit our pages "Careers" and "Our Team".

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