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The pioneering spirit is flowing through our company. We think of it as our job to make the energy transition possible with inventive talent and new technologies. Thus, there is no better place for pioneers of the digital age than at Optimax.



Optimax offers not only attractive remuneration but takes care of your work life balance.



The region of Leipzig offers all facets of an attractive location. The infrastructure is very modern plus the education and quality of life are nationwide at the highest level.


Pavel Jonas Susanne Alexander Andreas

Pavel -
Relocated Software Engineer

Originally from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, I relocated to Germany in summer 2018 and never looked back since. Optimax helped me to realize this life changing decision as comfortable as possible – they provided help with the visa, the search for a flat in Leipzig and all the paperwork you have to go through. In my role as a software engineer I find myself working with the newest technologies and great equipment in an ambitious and open-minded surrounding which motivates me to try out new ideas. I enjoy the team spirit and the flat hierarchies as a basis of my everyday life. Also, I love to do outdoor sports and whenever I’m planning and weekend cycling tour or a hike, I’m happy, Leipzig offers me such a beautiful landscape to explore.

Jonas -
Software Developer

I’ve started to work for Optimax as a student some years ago and now work full-time as a developer in the back-end team. Simply having so many great and passionate developers around, it’s hard not to learn something new every day. We use the latest technologies and the team is willing to implement cutting edge solutions.

Outside of the office, I enjoy exploring the beautiful surroundings of Leipzig, especially when my friends and I go climbing or hiking with our dogs.

Susanne -
Software Developer

As a Software Developer at Optimax Energy I implement solutions for a wide range of fields and develop new, innovative approaches. I have direct contact with traders and third party developers. Further, I enjoy the company’s open-door policy and the readiness for professional discussions.

Optimax Energy gives me the possibility to work part-time. This, combined with the flexible working hours, provides a well-adjusted work-life balance offering enough time for my family.

Alexander -

One of my favorite parts about working for Optimax is how much we care about our clients. Every day we try to make their work as easy as possible that they can concentrate on their core business.

I believe, we deliver remarkable value to them.

This is what keeps me going when I feel trading is tough. I know that the projects I am working on are going to change the way energy will be traded in the future.

Andreas -
Business Development

I used to work in a big company before joining Optimax and it was the right decision to make a change. I always wanted that my work has a positive impact on the company and the clients, which is very difficult in big companies because you feel like a small part in a giant organization. This made me think that my personal involvement makes no difference.

Entering Optimax was a chance to bring back passion in my professional life. The founders listen to ideas and suggestions from their employees. You get a wide range of flexibility and your work is valued. This brought back passion and makes me handle daily challenges with a smile.

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