About us

We are active participants on 3 official exchanges and other trading venues in about 8 countries around Europe. Our clients are renewable energy producers, energy suppliers and other trading companies. 

With offices in Leipzig and Sofia, Optimax is a trading firm that operates around the clock and around Europe, including Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria. More countries are following soon.

Our trading is based on our own proprietary models.

Quantitative and fundamental analysis and insights into related markets enable us to trade even into most competitive markets. Technology is at the core of how we approach trading, and we consider ourselves as much a technology company as a trading firm.


Optimax Energy was founded in 2013 in a living room by a trader and an engineer with a common vision:


To provide trading services for its clients on the highest level and at the same time gener­ating profits for them through a funda­mental understanding of the markets.


To recruit the most competent people and train them as good as possible.


To build a reliable organ­ization where people focus on solving meaning­ful challenges rather than hierarchies and office politics.


Events that have happened since the foundation...

  • Optimax Energy is founded in a living room by Albert Mantel and René Baumann
  • first municipal utilities are acquired as customers
First official office
  • the company moves into its first official office and employs two talents
  • direct marketers are won as customers
Exchange member EPEX Spot
  • market entry in further European countries (Denmark, France)
  • exchange membership at EPEX Spot
Expansion of the team
  • move to larger office premises and recruitment of a further nine employees
  • membership at the NordPool stock exchange
Opening of a second location
  • opening of a second location in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • market entry in Slovenia and Austria
Entering new markets
  • entering power markets of other European countries (Netherlands and Great Britain)
  • further development of the product range for customers
20 employees at Optimax Energy
  • employment of 20 employees
  • cooperation with various universities for research projects
Expansion of the product portfolio
  • extension of the office
  • expansion of the renewable energy portfolio
  • market entry in Belgium