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Trading meets Technology

We drive by using state-of-the-art technologies
the Europe-wide energy transition.

Our software

Our software developers write the programs and tools for our automated and intelligent trading desk.  To do this, they work with the most modern programming languages and systems. We use a variety of web and desktop-based applications to develop and manage an ecosystem of flexible and sophisticated microservices.  With the launch of our new web trading platform, based on Java11, Kotlin, Spring, Docker, React and MySQL, we are expanding our portfolio from data analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence to the development of desktop applications with Eclipse RCP to microservices with REST APIs and AMQP message brokers. Jenkins is used for continuous delivery.

We are always open to new ideas and always experiment with the latest technologies. We always keep our software at the highest level of quality to ensure the best possible user experience and revolutionize energy trading!


Code in action

Do you want to see how your code has a direct influence on what happens on the energy market? Optimax converts thousands of megawatt hours every day and you can contribute to this with your programs!

Because the people who make these technological advances possible work directly together in our offices, the strengths of each individual result in a jointly developed and outstanding product of the highest quality. Our software developers work together with our analysts to take on new challenges and encourage each other to achieve top performance. Even if our teams are small, their results are not!

Due to the work in specialized teams and the good communication between employees, Optimax Energy is the perfect place for developers who want to expand their horizons and expand their skills in exchange with ambitious colleagues and take them to a new level. Due to the high level of self-determination and creativity, working with us is extremely motivating and enriching. The acquisition of new knowledge for our employees is not limited to the area of software development, but also includes insights into the exciting area of energy trading.

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