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Optimax in three words

Innovative, curious and constructive.


Our employees are like no other. That may sound like a clever catchphrase - but it's not. The success of our company is based on a diversity of ideas that are represented throughout the organization: in our trading rooms, in our customer business and in our back office. Get to know a few of our bright minds here.


People & Culture

When we have the opportunity to unfold ourselves freely, we can achieve extraordinary things.
To achieve this, we create a work environment in which we can utilize our strengths and interests and rely on each other.
Fuelled by passion, we develop great trading systems that drive the global energy transition.


CEO & Founder

Albert Mantel


CEO & Founder

René Baumann


Authorized signatory

Dr. Dietmar Goldmann


Energy markets never sleep. As a trader, we work around the clock across Europe. Our team is made up of talented people from all over the world who drive the energy revolution every day. We optimize client portfolios in the intraday market and monitor and control trading algorithms. Through our trading, we make Europe's power grids more stable, enabling the continued expansion of renewable energy.


Head of Trading



In data analysis, we primarily support the trading department. We develop tools to help traders make decisions, gain important insights from market data and make predictions from key market data using machine learning. In addition, we discover, develop and oversee trading strategies and drive the automation of our energy trading in general to increase the efficiency and success of our business processes.


Head of Analysis


People & Culture

People & Culture

"We hire and develop the best" - this core value forms the foundation of our People & Culture department at Optimax Energy. We work closely with our valuable talents on a daily basis, because they are the ones who make the work and success at Optimax Energy possible in the first place. In the recruitment process, we provide applicants with comprehensive support from the first telephone interview to the signing of the contract. In addition, our tasks cover a broad spectrum from personnel selection, development and retention to contract management, culture management and employer branding. We are also currently working on organizational development by establishing new processes, routines and standards and setting targets.


Head of People & Culture

Tina Steinbiß


Relocation Specialist

Caroline Schulze


People & Culture Manager

Konstantin Jan Kohler

Project Management

Women's power in project management! We use a variety of project management strategies and tools to create a link between IT Operations, IT Development and stakeholders. Our responsibilities include setting the goals and scope of the projects and defining the deliverables. We lead the project team and ensure that each person fulfills their assigned tasks. We moderate communication between the teams and departments. We also monitor compliance with deadlines, report on project progress and are experts in risk management and conflict resolution. The aim of our work is to successfully implement every project.

Project Management

IT Project Managerin


IT Development

Our development department, consisting of backend and web development, is divided into several teams that focus on the development and support of the trading systems. We use the Java and Kotlin programming languages. We develop our in-house software, which enables us to almost completely automate trading and for the most part only monitor it. Our traders are the "customers" of our team and are only one door away. This proximity allows us to respond to requests and make adjustments in real time, which contributes to exceptional flexibility. 


Our team represents the internationality of Optimax Energy, with talented members from various European and Asian countries, including Germany, Kosovo, Russia, Ukraine and Sri Lanka. We communicate together in English and this multicultural collaboration not only gives us the opportunity to work on varied projects, but also broadens our personal and professional horizons.

IT Development

Senior Software Engineer


Software Developer Working Student



Finance & Controlling

No matter how turbulent times may be, with our comprehensive insight into all company processes, we always maintain an overview of all accounting and liquidity-related issues. This guarantees that we in the finance department can identify and address all risks in good time. Regardless of whether it concerns data or processes - we scrutinize things and are constantly on the lookout for potential improvements. Every day, we receive and process a large amount of information, which we prepare in a recipient-oriented manner as required. It is essential that we look at issues from different perspectives, anticipate problems and make well-founded recommendations for action to the management. We are the interface between various internal and external stakeholders.


Controlling & Finance


Team Assistance

Whether it's the daily lunch freshly prepared by our chef, language courses or the monthly massage - we organize and coordinate our benefits so that the entire team can benefit from them without complications. We also take care of the office and business equipment, both in the office and in the home office, and handle office management. Furthermore, we support and advise the entire team on a wide range of issues and concerns, right from the relocation process, where we take care of administrative and tax matters, assist with the daycare search and prepare documents for the authorities. Our range of tasks also includes contract management with market partners, customers and service providers as well as supporting the management and the trading department with projects.

Team Assistance

Management Assistance



Team Assistance


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