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We trade energy
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The place where ideas are born 

Leipzig has a dynamic economy and, thanks to its location, has perfect connections to the European energy markets. The trading city is a center for innovation and technology with renowned research institutions and universities that offer a large potential of skilled workers. The cultural diversity and high quality of life make the city an inspiring and livable place, which is why we are pleased to have our headquarters here. All of our IT and administration is located here, but also part of our trading team. The other part is in Sofia, Bulgaria. The office in Bulgaria's thriving capital has existed since 2018. Sofia has developed into an important IT hub in Eastern Europe, particularly in recent years, and the good location contributes to Optimax not only in Bulgaria, but also in other (south-)eastern European countries countries.  

"We believe that we can achieve extraordinary things when we have the opportunity to develop freely.  To achieve this, we create a working environment in which we can use our strengths and interests and rely on each other."



Community beyond the workplace

Immerse yourself in our varied team events, in which the focus is on collaboration outside the office walls. From creative workshops to outdoor adventures, we create experiences that create lasting memories. We have team events on the program that are anything but boring. Whether we're celebrating with family or within the company, we know how to have fun together. Because we firmly believe that teamwork shouldn't always take place in the office. 

Celebrate on a grand scale

Every year we have both our big summer and Christmas parties, where the whole family gets their money's worth. From beach volleyball to curling and kite surfing, everything was there.

Team building

We organize internal team building activities at least once a quarter. In addition, monthly changing challenges ensure that you can try out sporting, creative or culinary skills.


Power Up Your Career


Good work only works if everything around it is right. For this reason, we ensure that all employees get what they need -  whether they're working from home, in the office or in their free time. You can look forward to these benefits:

Fresh lunch every day

Our colleague and chef Joao cooks fresh lunch for us every day (and always with a vegan option).

Flexible working hours

Create your own work-life balance with our flexible working hours and adapt your day to what is most important to you.

30 days vacation

Anyone who works also needs breaks. We want to create the necessary space for this with 10 days more than the law in Germany prescribes.

Fitness membership

From premium fitness or yoga studios, swimming pools, climbing and bouldering halls to meditation: with the diverse sports and wellness offers of the EGYM-Wellpass you have the choice!

Home office equipment

Each of us has a different lifestyle, and even if you work from home, we want you to feel supported and connected to the company. That's why we provide you with the necessary equipment.


We know that some of you will sooner or later experience tension or discomfort from constantly sitting at a desk. To prevent this, once a month a 

professional physiotherapist in the office.

Knowledge is power

Since we want to promote personal and professional development, you can use 10% of your weekly working time as learning time after you have passed your probationary period.

Day-care centre subsidy

Children are the future! We want to contribute to
reduce childcare costs and make it easier for parents to combine work and family life. That's why we subsidise the costs of childcare.


We have a shelf of beautiful books in our small library. Just come by and borrow one!

Optimax starter pack

 Perfect for work and leisure: our starter pack consisting of a sustainable  Backpack and a fleece jacket.

Company bike

After successfully passing the trial period, you can buy a bike, which is paid for by Optimax.

Drinks, fruits & Snacks

...are at your free disposal because we want you to be happy and energized all day long.

Covering moving costs

Moving for a new job can be expensive and stressful. Optimax therefore offers you reimbursement of your moving costs if you move to us from abroad.

Office in the center

Our office in the heart of Leipzig brings your working environment directly into the diverse center of the city. Shopping, Public Transport & Co is in the immediate vicinity.

One week honeymoon

Getting married is an important milestone in your life and we want to celebrate it with you! That's why you get an additional week of vacation when you get married.

Mental precaution

With OpenUp you have direct access to certified psychologists anytime, anywhere. For small or large things, private or professional. 

Apply today and become part of the team!

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