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One step ahead of the market

Optimax Energy successfully trades on three official stock exchanges and numerous trading markets in seven European countries. With locations in Leipzig and Sofia, Optimax Energy is a trading company that operates around the clock and throughout Europe. Our markets include Germany, France, Great Britain and Bulgaria. Since we like to take on new challenges, we remain committed to an expansion course and are currently striving to develop new markets. For our customers, which include producers of renewable energies as well as energy supply companies and other trading companies, we provide optimization services around the clock and provide market access 365 days a year.



Trading meets technology

Our trading is based on our specially developed models. Quantitative and fundamental analysis as well as insights into related markets enable us to trade successfully, even in the most competitive markets. The technology is always the focus. We therefore see ourselves not only as a trading company, but also as a technology company.

Optimax Energy was founded in 2013 by Albert Mantel and René Baumann in their living room.

Then as now, they were guided by the following common goals:


Providing customer-oriented services at the highest level while generating profits through a fundamental understanding of the energy markets.


To always attract the most competent and talented employees to the company, to inspire them and to train them in the best possible way.


To focus on targeted, solution-oriented work and to avoid unnecessary hierarchies and bureaucracy.

Our core values were developed from this,
according to which we base our day-to-day work. 


Core Values


We manage ourselves.

We expect our colleagues to manage themselves as effectively as possible. This includes taking ownership of assigned projects, as well as finding and pursuing one’s own projects. We use the given autonomy and trust to act on behalf of the entire company. Here, we prioritize long-term value over short-term results. We never say, “That’s not my job”. Hence, we don’t wait for instructions but actively involve everyone and everything that is needed to get the work done. To sum up: We don’t hire people to tell them what to do. We hire them so that they tell us what to do.


We believe in a failure's potential

We are convinced that taking calculated risks helps us 
progress in our daily business for example when developing and trying out new trading strategies. When ideas don’t work out as expected, we don’t penalize the person who implemented them. We rather take mistakes as opportunities to grow. This way, we encourage wild ideas and go in unconventional directions.


We communicate without barriers

Our thoughts are as diverse as our team. Regardless of position or status, we value everyone’s contributions across all departments. We practice this by actively taking and delivering constructive criticism and don’t compromise for the sake of social cohesion. A student giving meaningful criticism to the CEO is just as natural for us as the other way around. For us, it is crucial to exchange thoughts and ideas between team members. We keep doors open and distances short. 


We hire and develop the best

To grow sustainably as a team, we invest in extraordinary potentials so that our talents can grow to become true experts in their fields and feel comfortable with us for a long time. To reach this goal, we start early by offering programming workshops, internships and working student positions to youngsters from high school and university. Furthermore, we appreciate diverse professional backgrounds as a catalyst of progress. For us, no place on earth is too far away to relocate talents from. 


We act results-driven

We pursue excellence with a pragmatic approach. In combining excellence and pragmatism we don’t see a contradiction but rather a balancing act since we always head for the best of both worlds to make a difference every day. We insist on the highest quality yet make decisions quickly and professionally. Therefore, we are constantly questioning conventions and the status quo. When we target new tasks like developing new bot algorithms, we start simple and aim to be creative, innovative and results-oriented. It’s about what we achieve. We don’t give up before we arrive.


We evolve by learning and sharing

In our field of business, change is part of the game and 
always holds growth potential for the curious like us. 
Therefore, 10% of our working time can be dedicated to 
acquiring new knowledge and skills. This is team effort. 
We focus on making this new input accessible, both within the individual team and across departments. What can this look like? HR learns from IT how to ask better technical questions in interviews, and IT learns from HR what counts when mentoring youngsters. Continuous learning is the key to personal and corporate growth. 


We build a trustful community

Although we consist of various personalities with different cultural backgrounds, we have something in common: our beliefs and values that we always uphold. We speak our minds and make room for personal wishes and needs. The basis for this approach is our trust in each other from day one. That is, for example, reflected in our totally flexible working time. Each of us knows best what their own work-life balance should look like - if you are a night owl, then feel free to work when your colleagues sleep. We take care of each other to benefit from this flexibility as a team. 


Last year we were able to celebrate another anniversary!


Driven to have an impact

In addition to our goal of contributing to combating climate change through the efficient use of renewable energies in Europe, we want to do more and assume responsibility. Together with our partner Eden Reforestation Project we therefore plant 5 mangroves in Madagascar for every gigawatt hour traded and 250 mangroves per business partner and employee per year. In the period from 2020-2022 we were able to plant 392,000 mangrove trees.

Mozambique planting.jpg



Support with Relocation

We support all employees who start working at Optimax Energy for the first time and move to our company by offering help in finding accommodation in Leipzig.

Highly qualified employees who are not from Leipzig or Germany, but have exceptional skills in the IT sector and speak fluent English, we support you in obtaining the so-called Bluecard after providing proof of qualifications and assist you with dealings with authorities. We have experience in relocating from various countries and are familiar with the recognition of educational qualifications, family reunification and visa acquisition.

Study-related offers

At Optimax Energy, students have the opportunity to do an internship or take up a professional activity alongside their studies to finance their studies. We would like to approach young people in the planning phase of their professional careers and offer them ways to coordinate their studies and career. There is then the possibility of starting a career in our company.

We also offer financial support for student projects and initiatives that are related to our company's focus on renewable energies, software development, artificial intelligence and trading strategies for the energy market. Other student projects that are characterized by scientific excellence, technical innovation and passionate commitment also represent an enrichment for us and can be presented. 

Students can contact us at any time with a request for donations and collaborations.

Become part of our team

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