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Can these students help our company solve programming tasks? 🤔

We at Optimax are proud to have hosted the LSGM Maths Workshop for A-level students again and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Kids solved many complex problems with clever answers!

💡 The workshop was designed to give the students an insight into real-life maths and programming problems that our company deals with every day. They were also very interested in how programming is used in our work.

😁 Sebastian, our analytics student, provided some challenging exercises for the children, encouraging them to work collaboratively, solve problems and critically analyse the results. Seeing the students' enthusiasm for mathematics and their ability to apply it in innovative ways was fantastic.

📝 Our aim for the workshop was to inspire and motivate this young generation to have confidence in their abilities and to show them the relevance of their skills.

😉 We were delighted to have hosted this event and look forward to hosting similar ones in the future. We firmly believe that these workshops not only benefit the students but also our team, by giving them the opportunity to share their expertise with the new ones!


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