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Latest News from Optimax

đŸ„‚ Celebrating 10 years of Optimax!

🎉 Last month we had a very special birthday - our own 10th anniversary! We took the opportunity to throw a big party for all our employees, relatives and partners who came together at the beautiful location of Felix Leipzig (Felix – Eventlocation | Suiten | Restaurant | Rooftop Bar). It was a night of celebrating, talking about good old times, dancing and getting to know each other even better. The highlight of the day was definitely the presentation by Albert Mantel, RenĂ© Baumann and two of our colleagues.

Packed with never-before-heard anecdotes and stories, they entertained everyone from our newbies to our old-timers.

⭐ Here are some insights from that very presentation:

- In 2014, Albert & RenĂ© hand-wrapped Christmas gifts for our partners and took them to the post office. By bike. This changed over the years and since 2020 we've been planting mangroves with Eden Reforestation Projects as a more sustainable gift and for every new team member. We’re now at over 430,000 trees!

- The health of our colleagues has always been very important to us. What started with a health day ended up with a company bike, monthly massages, gym memberships and freshly cooked food every day.

- The number of employees has doubled in the last year and new colleagues are still joining every month. So it won't be long before we reach the magic number of 50! Even though we have grown so much, we are putting more emphasis on sustainable growth for the long term. #wehireanddevelopthebest

Although we still feel like a start-up, after 10 years we can no longer call ourselves that. But the mentality remains: agile structures, flat hierarchies, belief in the potential of failure and thinking outside the box. We can be proud of what we have achieved and look forward to the future with excitement.

👏 Special thanks to the whole team - we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you! Here's to many more years of Optimax Energy. Cheers!


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