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Welcome Christina & Ivan

As the summer sun graced us with its warmth in August, we’re delighted to introduce two shining new additions to the Optimax Energy team: Christina and Ivan! ☀

👩 Christina joined our HR department as an intern while studying economics at the University of Leipzig. She brings a solid foundation to the team, with three years experience from her apprenticeship as an Office Management Assistant. She has also gained experience in social media marketing as a working student. That's why she'll also be supporting our marketing expert Diana! Born and raised near Leipzig, Christina has been a part of this vibrant city for over six years now. Away from the office, she loves to exercise and go hiking.

👦 Ivan is another sporty addition to our team. He tried his hand at various martial arts but finally settled on boxing. He also enjoys many other sports. So he could be the perfect addition to our recreational volleyball team! 🏐

Ivan has taken on the role of a Frontend Developer. Coming from Russia, Russian is his mother tongue and he is also fluent in English. He's currently immersing himself in the world of German!

His work as a Frontend Developer at Optimax involves the visual part of websites. If you don't know what a developer's job is, you might think that Ivan hammers away at his keyboard all day long, but guess what? Especially at the beginning of his journey with us, he's also very busy reading and watching video material to gain a better understanding of the values and business here at Optimax, as well as acquiring all the knowledge and information needed to be a fully integrated team member.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, maybe our next post about new team members won't be too far away 🙌


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