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That's how we celebrate cultural diversity through food! 🙌

As a company that values diversity and inclusion, we believe that cultural exchange is not limited to language and traditions. Food plays an important role in bringing people together and showcasing the richness of different cultures. That's why we launched our International Team Challenge!

Our Chef JoĂŁo, known for his culinary expertise, prepares freshly cooked meals every day, offering a constantly changing menu (always with a vegan option). In June and July, we encourage team members to suggest traditional dishes from their home countries. From French quiches to Sri Lankan Seeni Sambol, handmade Russian pelmeni to German GrĂŒne KlĂ¶ĂŸe, our menu becomes a melting pot of flavors. đŸČ

This team challenge also promotes cultural understanding and appreciation within our team. It encourages open conversations about #traditions, home, and the stories behind each dish. Colleagues have the opportunity to share their culinary heritage, exchange recipes and learn from each other. This initiative not only strengthens our bonds but also creates an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and celebrated.

A big thanks goes to our chef JoĂŁo, who always takes on new #challenges and manages not only to bring back childhood memories but also to create a piece of "home" on our plates.


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